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My mother has finally learned how to take a decent picture. This has been a long time coming since I came back home to The Bahamas from college in 2013, a moderately successful natural hair blogger, looking to further expand into fashion.

I had no one to take my photos, and although my mother barely knew how to hold a DSLR, much less take a photo, I was stuck with her. The first time my mother photographed me for my blog, I remember being so frustrated because things that I thought should come natural to her, like making sure the camera was focused, or that a car isn’t in the background, or telling me to hold in my stomach, did not.

This is what really lead me to enlist the help of a professional, which I absolutely do not regret.

Now, I’m literally blushing because the photos in this post actually look decent and my mother and I left the shoot in the same friendly manner that we went.

I would still rather a professional photographer because there was still much direction needed on my part, and I prefer being told what to do when it comes to these things: Look up. Smile. Fix your hair. Wipe your face. Yaaaaz. I need that.

But if this is what mother dearest is working with these days, I’m good.

Anyway, in this outfit, I’m wearing an oversized boxy crop top and a pencil skirt, both of which I got from, one of my favorite online retailers.

I love this top because it’s different than a traditional crop top, and it also conceals my chunky arms. Pencil skirts are my all time favorite garment, and I can assure you that I will be picking up my grand children from school wearing pencil skirts. Not crop tops though. Neaux.

My shoes are from my store, Oh Sheque, located in Nassau, The Bahamas. You can find them on if you live anywhere else.

Blush is my favorite color at the moment and I always appreciate the allure of a white garment.

What’s you favorite color or fashion item at the moment?

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peace, love and happy shopping






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