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Outfit of the Day | Happy 44th Independence Bahamas


Today, July 10, my country of birth, The Bahamas is celebrating 44 years of independence. It’s only right that I dedicate an outfit of the day to such a momentous occasion.

The colors of the Bahamian flag are gold, aqua and black. Gold represents the sun, aqua represents the water, and black represents the strength of black our people.

To represent the gold, I’m wearing this off the shoulder yellow dress from my store, Oh Sheque. I’m a big fan of frills, so it suits me very well, even though it’s kind of short; I usually go for midi dresses because I think they accentuate my figure better. Well, at least I thought. It seems as if the past two weeks of working out, as well as cutting out rice, fries, and unnecessary sugar, has been paying off.

The yellow flower I’m wearing in my hair is actually The Bahamas’ national flower, the yellow elder. Even though it’s our national flower, you rarely see it. I was pleasantly surprised at the coincidence that I would would get to use it as a prop for this Independence Day post.

I don’t have any aqua shoes, so I decided to go with my blue pumps (similar). These shoes are the closest I’ll get to owning a pair of Louboutins for a while. I bought them from over a year ago for under $40. They give you that expensive Louboutin look for the #lowlow.

I’m wearing a blue Cleola V bag made of authentic Bahamian straw. Cleola V is my mother’s straw bag line, and, if I do say so myself, her bags are stunning. Her attention to detail (which annoys me sometimes) is her strength and it really sets her apart.

Of course, though I’m not literally black, my melanin represents the black. #blackisstillbeautiful. I filmed a tutorial for the hairstyle I’m wearing, so stay tuned for that on my YouTube channel.

I’m extremely proud to be Bahamian. Our culture is unique and there is so much talent on this little island nation. We have produced world recognized icons in areas such as athletics, art, music, religion, and so much more.

No, The Bahamas isn’t perfect, but at least Donald Trump is not our leader. For that reason alone, I’m pleased.








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