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These are the items that I was supposed to wear to The Bahamian Icon Awards.

About a month ago, I ordered a gorgeous blush pink dress from It is an absolutely gorgeous dress (scroll down), and it sold out not too long after it was first posted on their website. The reason I chose this dress was because it isn’t too fussy. The Bahamian Icon Awards is a red carpet event, and even though I wanted to be appropriate, I also wanted to wear something that I could wear again somewhere and not look overdressed.

As I waited patiently for my garment to arrive, I thought about what accessories I would wear. I don’t normally go for silver, but I knew that silver would accentuate the blush color of the dress.

I decided on a pair of silver heels that were gifted to me by They have all the right straps in all the right places, and the heel is low enough to wear for hours at a time. I can’t deal with high shoes for long periods of time. Neaux.

I got the clutch in this post from my store, It features rhinestone embellishment that speaks to my soul (dramatic much?) and is special occasion appropriate.

As for my earrings, I decided to go with these dazzling silver earrings from These were my first purchase from the popular accessory store, and although they are a bit pricey, they are worth every. single. red. cent. They are beautiful!

So, I had all my accessories: my shoes, my clutch, and my earrings. And everything complimented each other so well!

I was excited to receive my dress from As soon as I got the bag, I ripped it open only to see that I was sent the wrong dress. I was absolutely livid.

I contacted them immediately and waited to hear back. Of course, I didn’t hear back from them until after the event and of course, I had to send the wrong item back. This upset me because I was sent a wrong hardware item by a company before and once I showed them a picture of the wrong item I received, they send me the right one the next day.  I was even more disappointed because living in The Bahamas makes sending things to the U.S. expensive. I used a freight forwarder to get the dress to Nassau, where I live, AND I paid 20% duty on a dress that costed over $100 and I got a dress that I’m sure did not cost nearly as much. It really wasn’t worth it to send the dress back.

The wrong dress that they sent didn’t look bad. (Scroll down.) I ended up wearing it to a high school graduation that week. Hey, it was my size. I had to get something out of this unfortunate situation. I guess I’ll wear it to church in the future.

I’m not mad at anymore because mistakes happen and something beautiful came out of the situation that I’ll blog about in a little.

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