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A few days, ago I revisited what I guess I can say is one of my favorite restaurants in Nassau. The food, view, customer service and overall vibe is great.

I wore one of my recent purchases, an olive green T-Shirt dress from H&M (similar here). Olive green, or khaki as it is sometimes called, is one of this fall’s “it” colors. I paired it with a pair of black minimalist heels and a quilted black bag with gold details.

I visited Lukka Kairi last year and I got hooked on their crispy broccoli. It’s deep fried and covered in cheese, goodness, and love. It has a bit of a sour and pepper punch that I can’t get enough of. The first time I had it, the next day I tried to make it. I failed miserably probably because I didn’t realize that it was deep fried and not baked.

I ordered the tamarind ribs and the curry chicken last time I was at the restaurant, but I didn’t like any of them enough to order them again. My boyfriend got the chicken lentil pattie, so I followed after him and got the chicken pattie. They look pretty much the same. They have the same dipping sauce and both are delicious. He always chooses the best items on the menu so I like to take his lead.

I also got the mac & cheese because I didn’t really want anything else on the menu and they didn’t have a lot of the seafood options. My boyfriend ordered the conch fritters and the mudslide drink. He’s so extra with his drinks. All I want in life is a cold glass of Sprite. The conch fritters are gourmet and have additional ingredients in them. They taste good, but I prefer my conch fritters made in the traditional Bahamian way.

As you can see, Lukka Kairi serves tapas style, and overall, the bill was about too much $90. When I saw it, I immediately regretted volunteering to pay. I summed up my sentiments in one statement: “You know we’re not coming back here again, right?” I guess you have to pay for the view and the live music too. Funny how you don’t realize how much things cost until you have to pay yourself. Anyway, I’m sure I’ll end up back in a Lukka Kairi chair at some point. Just not any time soon.

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