Kyss & Tell | Embracing the New & Visiting Cafe Channing Noelle

Right now, I’m totally enveloped in embracing the new and seeing where it takes me. I’m even more excited with my evolution as a blogger.

I started in 2012. I was a shy girl who loved fashion and was falling in love with her natural hair. Even though my natural hair blog (formerly got much more recognition, I started blogging about natural hair and fashion at the same time. It just so happened that the natural hair movement which started circa 2008 was so strong, that women with natural hair basically ate up what I was dishing out natural hair wise. This cast a shadow on my fashion blog ( and placed it way in the background. People came to know me as Kyss My Hair and didn’t even know that I did fashion.

Recently, I combined my natural hair and fashion blogs to create The change came about year after I had done the same for my YouTube channel.

The reason I had separate blogs was silly to begin with. I would watch natural hair bloggers basically get bullied for wearing wigs and weaves, especially when they were straight. As a young 20-year-old, I feared being treated in kind. I LOVE wigs and weaves, although I don’t wear them as much as I used to. Growing up, I would save my lunch money until I could buy copies of Black Hair magazine. I loved to see black hairstyles on black women, and I wanted to keep up with the hottest styles. was supposed to be a safe space where I could be free to wear my wigs and weaves in peace. I also wanted to be a safe space for natural hair only without the wigs and weaves. However, all it did was made me inconsistent and incohesive as a blogger. I also realized that I didn’t care anymore what people thought. I am who I am, and is a place for me to express my passions for fashion, beauty and hair, whether it be mine, kinky, curly or straight.

I even want to dabble in tech (as it relates to content creation), in an a new series called “Kyss & Tech”. It’s a clever phrase. Don’t argue with me.

Either way, I’m really comfortable with my new position in the blogosphere. Speaking of new, I went to a fairly new cafe in Nassau this past Sunday when I shot this outfit. It’s called Cafe Channing Noelle, and it’s just about the cutest cafe that I’ve ever seen in The Bahamas. It offers comfort and class. The decor is gorgeous, featuring white and purple chairs and mirrored furniture. The ambiance is right up my alley. My favorite decor piece is the violet couch that I most definitely made myself comfortable in. (see photo below)

They sell a variety of drinks, from coffee to iced tea, desserts, from macaroons to brownies, and snacks like sub sandwiches. It’s a must visit. Trust me.

I’m wearing a lovely frilly dress from Oh Sheque, located in Nassau, Bahamas, and a pair of black pumps, also from Oh Sheque. I’m in love with frills and the drama they bring to an outfit. The black and tan clutch you see is a straw bag made in The Bahamas by Cleola V, my mother’s company.

I consider my style to be sophisticated sexy as well as girly, yet mature. I love loud statement pieces like this greenleaf jumpsuit and this black tulle skirt. Although I don’t like direct attention, I like turn a head or two, or make someone’s mouth drop (if even a half an inch), when I walk into a room. Feel me?

I hope my post encourages you to embrace the new and make whatever changes you need to do so.

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peace, love and happy shopping

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