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How I Style Dusters

It’s Monday morning, 1:53 am to be exact, and I’m legit writing about how to style a duster. Y’all I have work in the morning. I’m going to hate myself in a few hours when I literally feel like death.

I’ve been on Easter vacation for the past two weeks and, while it has certainly been a restful break, I do not want to go to work this morning.

I am simply not ready.

If you didn’t know, I’m a teacher and there are approximately 7 weeks left in the term. I just have to power through.

But on to more important things. I purchased this duster from months ago and I have to say that I love the damn thing. What I love most about it is how I can simply throw it over a plain outfit and make it chic.

I paired with an olive bodysuit, a pair of ripped black jeans, chunky green heels, and an olive clutch.

I’d say I look pretty put together. What say you?

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peace, love and happy shopping

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