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Finding the Right Jumpsuit for Your Body Type

Finding the right tapered jumpsuit for my body hasn’t been easy.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be out here in these streets looking like I’m ready to go to bed or audition for telly tubbies.

Bae and I went out the other night to Luciano’s restaurant to celebrate his birthday. I hadn’t picked out my outfit in advance so I was a little stressed over what I was going to wear.

Then, I remembered this black  jumpsuit that I bought a couple of months ago from It’s perfect for my body type. Why? Because it has a wrap bodice and a tie at the waist. These two features make sure I don’t look awkward and have #bootydo (Whey your belly sticks out more than your “booty do”).

Tapered-leg jumpsuits without these features are a no go for me. They draw attention to my mid-section and I make no apologies for wanting my waist to look snatched, even though it’s not.

The food at Luciano’s was great. We ordered the fried calamari to start; I later ordered the chicken parmigiana and bae got the paela.

The ambiance of the restaurant is beautiful. It sits on the water, which makes for perfect photos! That’s one of the things I love about The Bahamas. You’ll pay an arm, leg and lady part to sit at a restaurant with an ocean view in some cities. But here, with the miles of coastline we have, you’re bound to find many  restaurants that sit on the water, with varying price ranges.

As they say, it’s better in The Bahamas

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