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    Trends I Love | Cold Shoulder

    It’s safe to say that I’m addicted to the cold shoulder trend. I’ve always loved off the shoulder pieces and I’m always happy when fashion that I love is trending because that means I won’t have any trouble finding items I like.

    I bought the top I’m wearing in this post from in white and because I’m a “get it in every color” kind a gal, I got the black as well. I featured them in my latest haul video on my YouTube channel. They also had it in red, but it sold out. I just bought a floral red shorts that I think will go well with it, so I’m keeping an eye out for that restock. almost always restocks. That’s something I love about them.

    I paired the top with a pair of distressed jeans that was gifted to me by, an online store that I’ve been shopping from since 2009. I got the jeans in a size 11, but I’m really a size 13. I wear a US size 10.

    I love the rips and they also have a distressed hem, something that’s also trending right now. I was skeptical about this trend at first, but the it has grown on me and I’ll be wearing these jeans all summer ’17.

    I think a pair of white sandals would’ve looked better with this outfit, but I wore my gold triple strap sandals that I got from my store.

    I have a new haul coming soon to my YouTube channel. Follow me on Instagram to stay updated. I the mean time, tell me, how do you like the cold shoulder trend?